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🚨 STOP! You're Wasting Your Time Reading Books

Knowledge is good, but APPLIED knowledge is where it’s at!

Know that you can read all the books in the world,

you can listen to all the podcasts on positive living,

you can attend all the growth seminars and webinars you want,

you can even quote all the Bible scripture and theories you want,

but if you do not take action and APPLY the knowledge you are receiving, you’re wasting a lot of time.

Gain knowledge, and execute.. do both.

Don't let fear stop you from executing.

Work on expanding, not contracting.

Contraction is the same as retreating is the same as withdrawing is the same as quitting.

Go do the thing. Expand. Do more.

Word to my mentor, Grant Cardone "nothing will help you expand more than betting on your efforts, creativity, energy, ideas, and persistence."

Bet on you, it's your life.. get in control of it.

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