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Bag Baby Media was created with the sole purpose of shining the light on creative individuals who may be considered overlooked. Bag Baby Media aims to showcase underground creatives of many different sectors by doing our part in placing them on the pedestal they deserve.




Sun After Rain 248Toon
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Zhunny Lok

THY Reggie


Adrian Leavell

June Moe

Global Dallas

Lil 8Teen

Don Cameron



Independent Michigan artist

is making a lot of noise with his unique sound, clever punchlines, and melodic adlibs. His latest drop "Black Aladdin" a 12 track album following an EP released in 2021 titled "SoundCloud Joints" which hosts the most streams tracks from his bangin' SoundCloud profile is a MUST HEAR.


Let's not forget to applaud him for the effort put forth to gain over 150k SoundCloud streams before even being out of high school for 2 years - this is only the beginning of his career!


Give this talented young artist a listen, you will not regret it!

You can find more on 248Toon here

We have a network of very talented friends. With Bag Baby Media we aim to help them reach a wider audience and create more opportunities for themselves to grow and work with other creatives in their sector.


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