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Wednesday Mornin' Wisdom

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

What is financial freedom & why is it important?

To me, financial freedom allows you to separate yourself from the thing that controls everyone - money and time.

Financial freedom allows for time freedom to do what you truly desire to do with those you truly love & want to create memories with,

it allows for increased survivability in different circumstances like God forbid something bad happen to you or someone you love & now you have to worry about how you're going to handle it financially or how you're going to pay for the procedure or medicine that will save yours or your loved ones life (these things happen),

it allows for increased leverage - in many situations, from dodging legal drama (of all kind), to increasing the quality of life you live as far the type of home you live in, the kind of foods you have access to, the type of opportunities your kids are able to run into, the kind of neighborhood you get to live in,

it allows for options..

all around freedom to live how you choose to live. Not how you have to live.

Financial freedom opens the door for more opportunities for you & those around you.

It allows you to experience more life and increases the likelihood of you creating generational influence (you creating something out of nothing will show those who come under you they can do something with their life & be successful in it too),

it allows you to assist in ending the cycle of poverty in your family for those who come after you,

it opens the door for greatness to happen on massive levels.

Having a stronger financial foundation maximizes the light shone on your character -

either you will do more good, because you’re a good person..

or you will do more bad, because you are a bad person..

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