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😡 Tired Of Being Tired? 😪

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Pay attention to the lessons life shows you. Sometimes you’ll be presented with the same thing in a different form to see if you’ve learned anything.

For example, I’ve been saying I need to learn how to be more patient, more calm and not easily swayed by things people say and the negative things life may bring to me.

While constantly asking God for patience, I noticed situations constantly happening in my life where I was FORCED to be patient.

At first I would still be irritated by the inconveniences, because it's in my nature to be impatient.

But then, I would immediately remember how often I kept complaining about being tired of spazzing out, being tired of arguing with people and getting so mad all the time,

I would remember how it made me feel - physically and mentally, that sh*t hurts!

It makes me hot, it makes my chest tight, it makes my head hurt, I hate being mad! I'm sure some of you can relate to this feeling.

Anyway, when these moments would pop up, I'd say to myself “You’ve been asking for help with being more patient.. this is a time to practice it - relax!”

Now, a lot of times I can successfully get through certain situations without having to say how I feel or without having to yell, cuss and piss myself off.

It took me becoming aware of my feelings (hated being mad, needed to fix the anger issue) and working on them day by day, moment by moment.

If you're feeling the same way about something, whether it's your anger or your willingness to always be the one to help others, pay attention to it.

Figure out your weaknesses,

make a list of your recurring problems

point out your own flaws.. and strengthen them.

You can overcome.

You can be better than you were yesterday.

Don't count yourself out.

Let's elevate.
Remember, we have to hold ourselves accountable, always. We have to pay attention to the lessons life shows us & grow from them.

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