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Monday Again?! Read This Before You Start Your Day ☕️

You have never been anything but worthy.

If you or someone close to you has been feeling down, in a funk, dealing with seasonal depression, spiraling, feeling alone.. lost..

this one is for you..

I’ve been there, to the point that no matter what someone said to try to encourage me - I wasn’t hearing it.. & I didn’t want to.

Lucky for you, you’re here reading this so at least trying to find encouragement.. right? eh..

I remember feeling so tired, so low. I was sick of the way things were going - I got fed up with my way of life and the way I was responding to the challenges I faced..

I had to create distance between me and the people, places and things that were bringing me headaches..

I had to stop saying things like “God, why me?”.. “It’s just life..” .. “I never asked to be here” ..

If this sounds familiar to you, I want you to realize regardless of what you think feel or believe, you are in control.

There’s a few things I suggest you do: Sit with yourself. Literally, just sit.. quietly.

Force yourself to just be.

No phone, no music, no tv, no dogs, cats or kids.

Do this a couple times, find a place, find a time & just sit there.

This might sound crazy but the next thing you want to do is start questioning yourself..

“Why do I react the way I do?” “Why do I get sad when people say __ to me?” “What do I feel when I’m angry - why do I react the way I do?”

Think back as far as you need to, childhood? Adulthood? Middle or high school?

Just try to get your answers.

When you start asking yourself these questions, you get to know yourself better.

Once you stop blaming others & instead start looking inward & understanding why you feel the way you do .. everything becomes much easier in life.

You will be able to control everything.

In order to get answers to these questions you have to understand, ego won’t work here.

You have to leave the ego outside because the ego tells you you aren’t the problem, the ego places control in the hands of others.

Thats been the problem this whole time, we’re being too controlled by other people and things.

We want certain things & we don’t have them.. it’s up to us to take accountability.

Another thing is, you have to be real with yourself in this moment..

you’re alone, in your own space, there’s no reason to sugar coat, there’s no reason to make things up or blame others,

all you need do is get the answers so you can take control and cruise to the land of genuine peace.

Now that you got in tune with yourself & got in control of your mindset - focus on gaining control of your environment (where you live & hangout, what you listen to, & what you watch),

along with gaining control of your values and beliefs (how you view the world & it’s systems, what your morals are, what you believe in what you value).

You know what life you want to live, it’s attainable, it’s possible for you.. so go get it.

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