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Are You The Black Sheep or The Family GOAT?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Remember, a bee never wastes it’s time trying to prove to the fly that honey is better than sh*t!

In a TOXIC family system, the black sheep is often just the one who see’s through everyone else’s bull****

If you're the self proclaimed "black sheep" in your family, let’s pause for a moment and think about some things. Ask yourself these questions, chew on em for a minute if you have to. How has the "black sheep" label made you feel? Is there truth to it? Is it just another case of you being misunderstood? Something else? Really though, have you ever taken time to think about why you've been attached to that label? The reason I point these things out is because I want you to really be able to think about it & get in tune with yourself. Do you believe you’ve been given this label because you are not usually deceived by everyone else’s lies, habits or behaviors?

Another thing to think about, maybe since you aren’t easily deceived, do they often say things to make it seem like you’re going against them or maybe trying to change them? If so okay coo, you realize it now. You see the reason behind it may be they're stuck in their ways & don't adapt well to the different ways other people might live life, maybe they simple dont want to understand the differences they may have between them and others like you, whatever the reason may be - you have to say to yourself, “WHO CARES!” remember to always remain true to you, no matter what. Never change who you are and your morals because someone else can't meet you at your level. Unless you are out here purposely harming people, f**k em! Stay true, truth always wins.

Remember, in your practice of remaining true, be sure your truth isn’t destructive to the wellbeing of others. Be sure to not purposely add tension to the lives of others by finding the need to speak your opinion in every situation. Sometimes it’s best to just know the truth and stay quiet to avoid collision. And you never want to demean or condemn anyone simply because you felt the need to say a certain thing in a certain way, at a certain.. unnecessary time. The goal is to constantly elevate and live a life of genuine peace. It's tough to do that when you're the reason everyone you come in contact with is leaving pissed off and in need of a blunt or two.

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