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Updated: Apr 3

You move different when you want better.

Listen, when you commit to wanting more life, your old habits and ways of life might start feeling old, draining, & pointless.

If you start feeling like this, you’ll know it’s simply time for you to level up.

You’ll crave nothing less than a peaceful environment, genuine peace of mind, you'll be done with the old & you’ll start to move differently.

Some people (usually the ones who don't understand) will call you selfish for setting boundaries and distancing yourself as you start living in your purpose, on purpose.

As you move forward with accomplishing the goals you've set for yourself, you'll notice the things people say won’t phase you anymore, because you’re deada** committed to more life.

You’re committed to doing whatever it takes to elevate everyday because you know the longevity of your life depends on it.

Not only yours, but those who come after you as well. From your siblings, to your children, to your grandchildren and beyond.

You know that when you secure your foundation, you're more likely to instill generational influence into your family.

Those who come after you will be inspired to do more because they saw you do it.

You are working towards something greater, you are craving the life we've all dreamed of since a kid.

The difference between you and the average person is, you know its attainable & you're serious about bagging it.

You understand that setting these boundaries & constantly elevating in life is key to increased survivability, increased leverage, increased longevity & much more.

Keep elevating, it's in you.

Those who are meant to be around you, will be.. & those who aren’t, won’t be. Let things flow.
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