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😰 Not Feeling Like Yourself? Read THIS!

Repeat after me,

I am strong. I am wise. I am worthy of More Life. I will live the life that is destined for me. I am more than a conquerer. I am alive and well.

You are being lifted higher, out of old habits that once seemed too hard to change. You are being renewed & you will come out with more clarity. You are realizing so much about who you truly are & what you deserve. Everything seems unreal, miraculous. It’s all happening for you.

Remember the things you prayed for?

Remember when you asked God to show himself & help you?

Well, He was closer than you might’ve thought & He heard you.

All you had to do was give it to Him, all you had to do was reach out and ask for His guidance.

Look around, look at your life now... you made it through the storm.

Never forget.

Keep pushing.

When the seasons change & it gets tough, still remain relentless.

You’ve done it before, you can do it again.

That’s the beauty in life, one day it has a hold of you, next thing you know.. you’ve taken over and shown life who’s REALLY running sh*t.

You are worthy of More Life.

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