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Join the Bag Baby Ambassador Program

We believe in empowering individuals who share our passion for personal and career growth, mindfulness, and meaningful connections. Our Ambassador Program is designed to build a community of dedicated advocates who embody our brand values and are committed to making a positive impact.


  • Exclusive Access: Be the first to access new courses, products, and services before they are publicly launched.

  • Recognition: Featured on Bag Baby's website, social media channels, and newsletters as a valued ambassador.

  • Affiliate Commission: Earn commission for every sale generated through your unique ambassador link or code.

  • Marketing Support: Access to marketing materials such as graphics, sample social media posts, and promotional content.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals within the Bag Baby community and beyond.

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Brand Advocacy: Actively promote Bag Baby across your social media platforms, blogs, and personal networks.

  • Content Creation: Create high-quality content such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, and testimonials that highlight Bag Baby's products, courses, and values.

  • Community Engagement: Engage with the Bag Baby community on social media, Discord, and other platforms. Encourage meaningful discussions on personal growth and empowerment.

  • Promotion and Referral: Drive traffic to Bag Baby's website and encourage sign-ups for courses, newsletters, and other offerings.

  • Feedback and Insights: Provide valuable feedback and insights to help improve Bag Baby's products and services.

How To Apply

  • Ready to join the Bag Baby Ambassador Program? Fill out our application form here and tell us why you'd be a great fit for our ambassador community.

Why Become A Bag Baby Ambassador?

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Become An Ambassador

Apply to Be a Bag Baby Ambassador

What is the Bag Baby Ambassador Program?

The Bag Baby Ambassador Program is an exclusive opportunity for passionate individuals who align with Bag Baby’s mission of personal and career growth, mindfulness, and community empowerment. Ambassadors play a pivotal role in promoting Bag Baby’s products, courses, and resources while embodying our values.


How do I join the ambassador program?

Joining the Bag Baby Ambassador Program is simple. Visit our Ambassador Program Registration Page and complete the application form. Once approved, you’ll receive access to a dedicated Ambassador Portal and personalized marketing materials.


Are there requirements to become an ambassador?

We seek ambassadors committed to personal and professional growth, embodying positivity, authenticity, and community engagement. While specific follower counts are not mandatory, active engagement and alignment with Bag Baby’s values are essential.


What are the benefits of becoming a Bag Baby Ambassador?

As a Bag Baby Ambassador, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, including early access to new products and courses, personalized discount codes for your followers, opportunities for featured content on our platforms, and invitations to special events and workshops.


How are ambassadors compensated?

Ambassadors may receive commissions, product discounts, or exclusive rewards based on their performance and engagement. Specific compensation details will be provided upon acceptance into the program.


What promotional activities are expected from ambassadors?

Ambassadors are encouraged to create authentic and engaging content highlighting Bag Baby’s products, courses, and values. This includes social media posts, blog features, video reviews, and participation in community discussions.


Are there guidelines for promoting Bag Baby?

We encourage ambassadors to promote Bag Baby positively and ethically, adhering to our brand guidelines and values. Please avoid misleading or spammy promotional tactics, as these may lead to termination from the program.


Can I collaborate with Bag Baby on content creation?

Absolutely! We value collaboration and welcome ideas for joint content creation, such as guest blogs, Instagram takeovers, or collaborative videos. Reach out to our Ambassador Coordinator to discuss potential collaborations.

Why should I become a Bag Baby Ambassador?​

Bag Baby is dedicated to empowering individuals who are committed to personal and career growth, mindfulness, and meaningful connections. As an ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to align yourself with a brand that shares your values and supports your journey towards success. We provide exclusive access to innovative courses, high-quality products, and valuable resources designed to enhance personal development. By joining our ambassador program, you'll not only receive recognition and rewards for your efforts but also become part of a supportive community that celebrates authenticity and growth.

Can I represent Bag Baby internationally?

Bag Baby Ambassadors have the flexibility to represent our brand globally, provided they adhere to local laws and regulations regarding promotions and endorsements.

How can I track my performance as an ambassador? Ambassadors will have access to a personalized dashboard within the Ambassador Portal, where they can track their sales, referrals, and overall performance metrics in real time.

How do I contact support if I have questions or need assistance? If you have any questions or require assistance, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us at or use the contact form in the Ambassador Portal.


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