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FREE Personal Finance Budgeting Sheet

Use this on your desktop or laptop computer for the best results.

Personal Finance eBook 

You'll get the full 100 page ebook teaching you about various personal finance topics I have learned to help conquer homelessness, set up a $20k emergency fund in less than 12 months, and start my own businesses.

Bag Baby is a brand that provides resources to help individuals improve their financial intelligence & build a solid financial foundation for success. We encourage personal growth & development & empower individuals to succeed while promoting the key values of honesty, passion, trust, & genuineness.

Assessment Includes:

- A credit report screening

- We will identify negative remarks

- We will lead you in the right direction to improve your credit standing

*Please have all questions written down & ready before the call*

I will send a text message reminder 5 minutes before the scheduled time - I will call 2x before canceling your appointment.

When you purchase our 28-page ebook, you will learn about one of many ways to improve your credit on your own. This is a topic that has helped me overcome homelessness, save $20,000 in emergency funds within a year, and start my own businesses. You will also get access to our private YouTube channel with a playlist of 14 videos on DIY credit enhancement to help you as you read.

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